Facebook : Rent a movie

Facebook: Rent a movieIf you were searching for something added advantageous to absorb Facebook credits on than basic trinkets for some game, Warner has an idea: all those movies you said you "liked."


Starting today it is testing out a plan to hire movies appropriate on their corresponding pages for 30 Facebook credits / $3 each. The aboriginal one on accouter is The Dark Knight (again?) which should be reside afterwards today, with added accessible to hire or acquirement in the future. there's no chat on resolution or added features, but at the amount we're bold SD only. Full data are in the columnist absolution afterwards the break, but the rentals accept the accepted 48-hour VOD window and can be paused/resumed artlessly by logging aback into Facebook. In its accepted state, we agnosticism Netflix, Amazon and the blow accept annihilation to anguish about as far as competition, but maybe Warner thinks it can snag a few bucks from artlessly authoritative abiding there's a buy button of some affectionate apprehension our assorted identities in as abounding places as possible.

Via: Engadget 

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