Why dinosaurs grew so large?

imageWhen actually declared extinct 65 million years ago due to a meteor strike that hit the earth, the dinosaurs left a mystery related to giant size. Now, researchers found one of the reasons behind the massive growth of the extinct animals.

As reported by the Daily Mail (12/6), researchers have discovered a fact in which the majority of ancient dinosaur blood have 'warm'.

'Warm' Circulatory system allows dinosaurs to grow larger without having to consume large amounts of food in a short time.

The study included 21 samples from various types of dinosaurs, such as predatory dinosaurs, long neck, until the bird dinosaurs. Not to forget other animals such as mammals, birds, fish, lizards, snakes, and crocodiles are also included for comparison.

Researchers then evaluated the metabolic processes of each species using a formula consisting of body weight, bone density, growing up to speed by the discovery of available fossils.

From the results of the researched data can be inferred if the dinosaurs are basically not included in the group of warm-blooded animals like humans and mammals, or cold-blooded animals like lizards and fish. Dinosaurs are considered to be in between the two, in other words, these giants have warm blood.

This theory is in line with the assumption of biologists from the University of New Mexico, John Grady, who said that if the dinosaurs did not have to warm-blooded or cold, but can be 'in the middle'. This also explains the existence of other species: giant white shark, turtle shell back, and tuna are known not warm-blooded or cold-blooded animals.

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