Windows 7 RC API Code Pack for .NET Framework

Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework is designed to permit developers to access a range of features associated with the next iteration of Windows that are not available in .NET Framework, in managed code.

Essentially, the package contains the source code library for features implemented in Windows 7, and even in Windows Vista. Version 0.85 of Windows 7 RC API Code Pack for .NET Framework went live following the availability of the first and only Release Candidate of Windows 7, which was served to MSDN and TechNet subscribers on April 30 and to the public on May 5.
“As a part of the Windows 7 RC release wave, the Windows SDK team has released the “Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework (v0.85)”. What is this code pack you may ask? This .NET source code supports new Windows 7 light-up developer features including the following: Shell features, Direct 3D 11.0, and Sensor Platform APIs,” revealed Gavin Gear, program manager at Microsoft for Windows SideShow.
The current release of the library is tailored to Windows 7 RC Build 7100. However, this does not mean that developers won't be able to use the release with Windows 7's precursors. Among the features made available with version 0.85, Microsoft enumerated: Windows 7 Task Dialogs; Windows 7 Explorer Browser Control supporting both WPF and Windows Forms; Helpers for Windows 7 Taskbar Jumplists, Icon Overlay and Progress bar; support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 common file dialogs; Support for Direct3D 11.0 and DXGI 1.0/1.1 APIs; Sensor Platform APIs; and Extended Linguistic Services APIs.
“This is a preview release, so it may change between now and RTM, but it does enable you to code against these features with your favorite .NET language for Windows 7. The sensor API code even includes samples (For accelerometer and light sensor) that show off the capabilities of the Windows 7 Sensor Development Kit hardware,” Gear added.


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