Yahoo 360 ° Blog Closed!

Yahoo 360 Closed After almost two years without giving any support, Yahoo finally close the social blog-centric . Web Yahoo 360 Degrees will be closed on 13 July 2009. During more than four years, the site was never actually finished out of beta.

In an email to its members, Yahoo convey, "We will officially close Yahoo 360 ° on 13 July 2009, to focus our efforts to create a new profile on Yahoo where you can connect with all people. Therefore, the information necessary to move your Yahoo 360 ° to profile before the new date. After 12 July 2009, the content in your Yahoo 360 ° is no longer accessible. "

Yahoo 360 ° was launched in March 2005. This site does not have to be big in the United States in October 2007 and Yahoo has decided to stop providing support in the process of development.

However, in other countries, especially Vietnam, Yahoo 360 ° is a  most popular portal site for blogging. For this reason, the user's Yahoo 360 ° Vietnam can be migrated from Yahoo 360 to Yahoo 360 plus, a product specifically made for the Vietnamese market which was published since a year ago.

In August Yahoo Mash also close, one of the web site's own social network that also failed to develop.

Yahoo suggest to the user 360 to move the blog soon, or save the profile and download the contacts to the computer. As a form of responsibility Yahoo 360 provides features that their user can migrate to other blog sites.

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