Why buy a genuine Windows Vista when pirated is easier and better?

Recently Microsoft had a 50% price cut for Home Basic and Home Premium Editions of Windows Vista. The price cut is mainly targeted at China which has the 2nd highest software piracy rate in the world after Vietnam. Thanks to thepodest for this post on the blog.

The reason is to compete with pirate software market. Pirated version is better, why buy an expensive genuine copy? I would like to share my thoughts on this.

Consider these facts:

1. Limited number of reinstalltions of Windows Vista.
2. Activation via internet or phone activation.
3. Hardware upgrade problems.
4. It’s expensive.


1. No reinstallations problem.
2. No any kind of activation, easy to install cracks, pre-cracked Windows Vista.
3. Noone cares if your hardware changes.
4. Yeb. It’s free :P

No features are missing with pirated Windows Vista. They are identical. Why buy genuine?

Why buy a real copy of Windows Vista?? Activation is the pain in ass. You can install your pirated copy of Windows Vista many times as you like, with a genuine copy you have to do a phone activation and explain them why you need to reinstall and of course there’s only a limited number times you can do this. Also if you feel like upgrading your hardware with “genuine” copy of Vista installed, think again because you license for Windows Vista might be taken away and having to reactivate since Windows Vista activation system keeps track of your hardware and suspect that you have pirated Vista installed same thing might happen if you install drivers for your hardware.

As you can see pirated gives you more flexibility and easier installation. You see that by buying genuine copy is just having to activate and run into license problems.

Windows Genuine Advantage???? Think again, Windows Genuine Disadvantage sounds right to me.

source: thepodest.blogs.keznews.com

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