Enable both Aero and Glass in Vista Home Basic

I'm gonna give u some tips for people who are stuck up with Vista Home Basic I really never wanted to have the Vista Home Basic. But when i got my Lappy i had no other option, but to stick on with this OEM version.

Well i've read in most in most articles across the web to enable the Aero in Vista Home Basic.

1)Run "regedit"
2)Navigate to "Hkey_Current_User \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ DWM"
3)change the value of the entry Composition to 1
4)change the value of the entry CompositionPolicy to 0.
5)Now restart the computer.
6)Now go to Control Panel > Personalization > Window Color and Appearance.
7)when you are on Aero Standard you should now be able to see a color picker with sliders for choosing the colour of the Glass window decorations.

Screenshot after enabling Aero

Well this only enables Aero in Vista Home Basic, But not the Glass efect like most of us want. i tried to google out many ways to get the Glass effect but all give the same hack which never ends in the Glass Effect.

But now i've found out how to get it done... How?

Install WindowBlinds 6 ---> But its a shareware thing (so forget it).

But there is one free thing available called Glass2k. I was using this in my Windows Xp so thought of giving it a try..Well its really working in Vista too. So anyone interested in having Glass Effect in their Vista Home Basic can download this free software from here.

source: xplorer-blog.blogspot.com

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