Windows Home Server ‘Vail’ to get more entertainment hooks

While Microsoft has shared some details (and code) for its upcoming minor update to Windows Home Server, it has said next to nothing about the next major versio

(Like the rest of the Windows client and server teams, the Home Server team is alternating between “major” and “minor” releases with its rollouts.)

I’ve tracked down (thanks to sources) a couple of new bits, however. The next major version of Windows Home Server is codenamed “Vail,” I hear.

And Vail is going to include more entertainment “capabilities.” What that means, precisely, I don’t know. Does it mean Windows Home Server will somehow become one with Windows Media Center? Again, not sure. Last year, in response to a question about Microsoft’s plans to integrate (or continue to keep separate) Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center, Todd Headrick, WHS Product Planner said:

“Time will tell – and please don’t infer that ‘time will tell’ means yes. There are a tremendous number of complex issues that need to be resolved to make this simple question become a reality.”

Before Microsoft gets to Vail, it has some other WHS things on its plate, however, including fixing a data corruption bug that affecting more Microsoft and third-party applications than originally thought….


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