Early Vista SP1 64-bit installs causing new problems?

An iTWire journo by the name of Alex has found yet another Vista SP1 issue to bitch about, this time it's the x64 version and early reports are pointing to several problems.
Anything from the "Windows Performance Rating" vanishing, to the poor souls Treo not being recognized through "Windows Mobile Center" after SP1 installation. There could be many explanations for this happening, for example: The guys laptop is so sucky that Vista did him a favor by simply hiding crap results, and his phone may no longer sync to Mobile center because he has so few friends and contacts it just isn't worth it. Think of some yourself, it's fun!

Vista may have done the guy a favour.

Or Vista is indeed broke, and Microsoft need to sort it, but basing an entire 3 page article on one guys (unconfirmed) issues with his laptop seems so troll-like, it's almost beyond belief and seems more like a knee jerk reaction. Either way I am sick of all the ranting as of late, so much so that I will be installing Windows Vista x64 SP1 just to annoy websites like iTWire, InfoWorld and CNet (Staff bloggers) and all of their readers to show them that any normal user can install Vista x64 SP1 and have everything work afterwards. Meanwhile a whambulance has been dispatched to the above mentioned sites to pick up the whiney tossers.

source: neowin.net

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