IE8 Beta 1 and IE7 Tips and Tricks

With approximately 80% of the browser market focused on iterations of Internet Explorer, web content is tailored by default on Microsoft's proprietary browser, even in the detriment of rival products such as Firefox or Opera. The intimate connection between browsers and the operating systems they are associated with is the main reason why content developers have to adapt their materials to both Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows XP and Windows Vista. And even as Microsoft is moving forward with the building

of Internet Explorer 8, adopting a new development strategy which places a strong emphasis on standards support, due to the slow migration from IE6 to IE7, the company is still pushing a bag of tips and tricks for the latest version of IE.

Internet Explorer 7 'Tips and Tricks' is a document designed to highlight some of the "common deployment issues with Internet Explorer 7, along with solutions and workarounds," according to Microsoft. Ultimately, the resource is meant to increase compatibility of both web content and browser applications with Internet Explorer 7. At well over a year and a half since the delivery of IE7, IE6, although having given up a lion's share of its install base to its successor, is still a much stronger presence than Firefox. This scenario reveals the fact that the natural upgrading process from IE6 to IE7, streamlined by the distribution of Internet Explorer 7 through Automatic Updates is lagging behind due to the difficulties of tailoring Internet Explorer 6-centric content and applications to its successor. Internet Explorer 7 'Tips and Tricks' is available for download here.

At the same time, Microsoft is looking at the perspective of facing similar issues with Internet Explorer 8. This is why at the beginning of March Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 was kicked into gear, and aimed at web content developers and designers. The Redmond company is trying nothing more than to get an early start for the introduction of IE8, by getting developers to prepare their content for the next version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft is offering resources set up to enable the tweaking of both add-ons and websites for IE8, as well as developers’ white papers, hands-on labs for new features and Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 technology overview. Just another bag of tips and tricks available through the Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Readiness Toolkit.

Internet Explorer 7 is available for download here.
Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 is here.

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