Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes 10 Vulnerabilities

As expected, yesterday Microsoft rolled out five "critical" and three "important" patches for Windows Server 2008, Vista, Office, Internet Explorer and other software as part of its regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday release.

The eight-patch rollout is significant in that Redmond has now released 25 fixes in the first four months of 2008 -- a pace well on track to exceed 2007's 69 security bulletins. St. Paul, Minn.-based Shavlik Technologies' Chief Technology Officer Eric Schultze cites today's release as a good news/bad news affair.
"All eight bulletins this month are client-side vulnerabilities. In other words, your system is safe unless a user logs in and opens documents, reads e-mail or visits an evil Web site on that computer. Systems where no one logs on and does this are safe," Schultze said. "[But] of the five OS-related vulnerabilities this month, four impact Vista and Windows Server 2008. This doesn't speak well for the debut of Windows Server 2008."


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