Sony Ericsson Paris To Go With Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson prepares the release of another super-phone besides Xperia X1, and that is Sony Ericsson Paris, also known as Sony Ericsson P5 (or P5i).

Although we are not sure what the final name of the handset will be, a recent post, which appeared over at the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog, unveils the first clear hand-on picture with the device, plus several valuable details.

Sony Ericsson Paris P5 is said to feature a full QWERTY keypad, in the same style as the one packed in P1, SE's smartphone released last year and reviewed a few months ago by Softpedia. You can't see the keypad in the available picture for a simple reason: the Paris phone is a slider, and it hides the QWERTY feature under the large display. Unlike Xperia X1 though, Sony Ericsson Paris is a "normal slider". Or maybe not so normal, since rumors say it might come with a dual-sliding design, in the vein of another craved but unreleased yet handset (and we talk about Nokia N96, of course).

Other features revealed about the future high-end handset from Sony Ericsson include GPS, 5 Megapixel camera, touchscreen and the newly announced UIQ 3.3 interface. Combined with other advanced features, these might make the Paris handset a tough competitor for Nokia N96.
Although the picture available with Sony Ericsson Paris is not that great in quality, it offers a pretty good view on the phone. There are small chances for this to be a Photoshop fake, especially since the guys from the Unofficial SE Blog say they even have an "official" video with P5, which will be made public in about two weeks, presumably released by Sony Ericsson.

Nothing more to do now than to wait for the Swedish-Japanese joint venture's confirmation for the existence and release of Paris / P5 / P5i.


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