2008 Google Developer Day starts from Yokohama, Japan

2008 The 2nd-annual Google Developer Day started its tournament from Pasifico Yokohama, Japan as its first stage. According to Google, this programmer-based event is similar as Google I/O, the largest programming event only available in USA, held earlier on May 28 & 29 at San Francisco, California.

Takuya Oikawa, Software Engineer of Google Japan, analyzed the future trend on programming and redefined the "3C". "There are three key features to drive on the next generation programming, that is, 'Client' [user-oriented], 'Connectivity', and 'Cloud Computing'," stated Oikawa.

As Fumitoshi Ukai, Software Engineer of Google Japan, to appeal importances on Google App Engine, he did a SWOT analysis with an example of Sichuan earthquake, and said: "The failure or success of Cloud Computing will be determined by three critical factors - ability of offline computing, language support, and quotas of databases."

After the Japan Stage, the 2008 Google Developer Day will be held successively at China, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil this June. The Europe Tour of the 2008 Google Developer Day will be kicked off from London, England on September 16.

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