Wolfram Alpha Versus Google, who is the winner?

Wolfram Alpha VS Google LONDON - Wolfram Alpha is a new search engine that could recast the way we use the website.

As a new competitor of Google, often compared to Google.

Since launch last week, the  millions website users want to try the ability of this new search engine.

Stephen Wolfram, creator of the website says this on the first 24 hours Wolfarm Alpha started life online, he has received 10,000 messages as feedback from our users.

"Feedback that they send a very useful and entertaining. They give a lot of advice for Wolfarm Alpha progress in the future," he said as quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (5/20/2009).

Some analysts trying to compare Wolfarm Alpha with Google's to know the importance in which ability is often compared between Google and Wolfarm.

Here are five Wolfarm Alpha comparison with Google:
1. Estimated weather
Wolfram Alpha: the present results are grid-style seem less visually satisfying as is done by Google. However Wolfarm Alpha presents the latest information about the temperature, conditions, wind speed and relative humidity. Even equipped with the same historical weather data that occurred on the same day in different years in the past.

Google: With as many as 4,340,000 search results, Google also provides a glimpse weather in particular regions with the temperature data and weather forecast three days future.

Which is better? for practical use, Google is winning in this case. Meanwhile, Wolfram Alpha has advantages in providing historical weather words.

2) What is 46 km per hour in a matter of feet per second?
Wolfram Alpha: Results from Wolfram tells that 46km per hour, equivalent to 41.92 feet per second. This information is very helpful to know the speed in meters per second, miles per minute even in knots.

Google: While Google can do many tasks and the conversion only with the 1.8 m in ft, for example, but Google should admit the benefits of Wolfarm Alpha in this case. If users want to get the answers questions such as this precisely through Google, must avoid the acronym. While Wolfarm Alpha can do this better.

3) Plot Ai(x)

Wolfram Alpha: When typing this sentence, analysts do not know the purpose this question. However, Wolfarm Alpha respond with a graph showing two believed that the sense of a genius mathematic owned by Wolfarm Alpha.

Google: What about Google? This search engine provides search results of 674,000 that is not useful. Fact, for this Wolfarm Alpha be more responsive and genius in responding to difficult questions such as this.

4) The characters in Star Wars
Wolfram Alpha: this search engine respond to questions with answers Spock-like, appears to be Wolfarm Alpha does not seem confident with the answers that result in a search engine.

Google: top results on Google showed the link to the Wikipedia page of a site that displays detail information of a characters in Star Wars. This adds the benefits of Google.

5) The highest mountain
Wolfram Alpha: In surprise, the results do not reveal anything on this search. Apparently an error occurred on the input language search bar. When replaced with a sentence that is correct, then Wolfarm Alpha search results display the five highest mountains. However, it can be seen that Wolfarm Alpha does not have the capacity in correction input language automatically.

Google: Instead, as predicted earlier, Google is more responsive. Google automatically presents a list of 100's highest mountain with the height data, the point coordinates, and completeness of data supporting the other more comprehensive.

Visit: Wolfram Alpha and Google.com

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