Windows Live Tools – July 2008 CTP – introduces ASP.NET Server Control for Virtual Earth Map

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You already saw few blog posts and announcements regarding release of July 2008 CTP of Windows Live Tools. With this release, we have introduced ASP.NET Server Control for Virtual Earth (Map Control).

Developers have been using JavaScript Control for meeting their needs. Now, you have ASP.NET control available right from your Visual Studio toolbox which you can drag and drop on your web page, do server side web page programming (e.g. pull store locations or last location of the delivery vehicle etc.) and create push pins and show to the web site visitors.

In words of Marc Schweigert, Microsoft’s Developer Evangelist

”This is a sweet control that makes integrating Virtual Earth into your ASP.NET applications a easy as drag, drop, set some properties, and wire up some server side code.  The new control, which is built on top of ASP.NET AJAX, does all the heavy lifting you've come to expect from ASP.NET AJAX enabled controls.  ASP.NET AJAX also introduced the concept of control extenders.  Extenders allow you to add AJAX functionality to existing server controls.  The Virtual Earth ASP.NE T control ships with a ton of extenders that allow you to interact with the map without writing any code.  I had the luxury of getting early access to the bits.  I've taken the control for a thorough test drive.  I think ASP.NET developers are going to love this thing!”

In words of Mark Brown, Virtual Earth Evangelist

”Integrating interactive, immersive maps no longer requires JavaScript, it can be done by ASP.NET developers simply. For smooth interactions this control can be combined with ASP.NET AJAX capabilities to provide the power of ASP.NET Serverside processing without the development overhead of coding JavaScript.”
Mark and Angus have an introductory channel9 screencast for you.[...]

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