Creating an ASP.NET Newsletter Application

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an ASP.NET newsletter application which will allow us to send emails to subscribers of our newsletter. First, we will display a subscription form to the user. Upon entering the email address, we will verify it by sending a validation email.

Upon clicking the link in that validation email, the user will be able to validate/confirm his email address and complete the registration process. We will then use a simple online ASP.NET administration interface to create and send newsletters.

Application Preview
Please have a look at images below to get a feel for this application. The details of how everything is developed and constructed from plain ground will be discussed later on.

  • Subscription Form: A form that allows users to enter their email addresses and subscribe to our newsletter.
    Newsletter Subscription Form
  • Subscription Form: If the user attempts to enter an invalid email address or if he tries to submit the form without entering any email address, a red asterisk will be shown next to the input field.
    Newsletter Subscription Form - after entry of an invalid email address
  • Subscription Form: When the user enters a valid email address, his email address will be stored in the database and he will be sent a validation email. He will be prompted to check his email and complete the registration by clicking the link in that email.
    Newsletter Subscription Form - after entery of a valid email address
  • Administration Interface: A simple online administration interface allows the admin to create and send emails to subscribers.
    Newsletter Administration Interface

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