FireAtlas : ASP.NET AJAX debugging.

FireAtlas-ASP.NET AJAX FireAtlas is an extension to Firebug dedicated to ASP.NET AJAX debugging.

Still experimental this extension will provide you with useful services when developing ASP.NET AJAX web sites:

PageRequestManager events tracing
WebService calls tracing and inspection
Partial Update inspection within Firebug Net Panel
More to come!

Before download the latest version remember that you will need Firebug and Firefox.

This extension requires Firebug version 1.4X.0a27 and later.

You may download the Firebug standard version or Firebug with tracing enabled.

Platform support

FireAtlas has been designed using Firebug 1.4.0a. You may try to use Firebug 1.3 it has not been tested using this version.

Compatibility has been tested with Firefox 3.0 only. Please send us feedback if you experience issues newer versions.

More : FireAtlas Website

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