KallOut - The new way to search using only your mouse

What is KallOut?

KallOut is the first application to bring "selection-based search" to any web page, email, presentation, document, spreadsheet or PDF. Unlike other search methods that are trapped inside the browser, KallOut serves up content from the most popular sites on the web inside floating information palettes (which we call KallOuts). Using only your mouse, you can now avoid the disruption of launching a browser and let KallOut bring you the best the web has to offer.

How does KallOut improve search?

Since the creation of the web, search has been trapped inside the browser. KallOut sets it free.
Today's "browser-based search" systems disrupt your workflow because they require you to leave where you are, launch your favorite search engine in a new browser or tab, type in a search term and then view your search results. The entire search process is trapped inside the web browser. Accessing information requires you to constantly shift between tabs in your browser or applications on your desktop which divides your attention and makes you less productive.
KallOut’s "selection-based search" system makes searching the Internet a seamless extension to the everyday tools you already use. Like a friendly, well-informed, travel guide, KallOut goes where you do and, upon request, provides you with the best background information available in a manner that doesn't distract you from your primary focus. You can immediately access the best the web has to offer by selecting any word or phrase without leaving the page you're reading.

The result is a more productive experience without the constant pain of opening up new browsers and tabs everytime you need to search.

Download and Info : kallout.com

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