Windows Live FrameIt, a Small Piece of Windows Live Wave 3

Microsoft is currently cooking Wave 3 of its Windows Live suite of products and services. As of July 30, the Redmond company unveiled Windows Live FrameIt, a new Windows Live service built as an integral part of Wave 3.

FrameIt is in beta stage as of yet, but it is open to the general public. The service is designed to enhance the content delivered to digital photo frames. According to the official description of FrameIt, users will be able to compile photo collections and then have them streamed directly to a digital photo frame. In this regard, all devices featuring RSS capabilities will be able to receive photos via FrameIt.

"FrameIt has some wrinkles that we are still trying to iron out and we have a lot of features in the pipeline. Please accept our apologies if you run into any of our bugs," revealed a Windows Live program manager. Initially reported by LiveSide, FrameIt can gather content from an extensive catalog of media sources.

Users will be able to stream not only photos, but additional items through the service from websites offering Photo-sharing, news and information, learning and entertainment materials. According to Microsoft, users are free to have collections with up to 100 different sources. In the end, the Redmond company also permits users to set up customized settings for their feeds. The personalization options include the resolution of images as well as the background color.

"Windows Live FrameIt allows you to gather images and content from across the Internet onto your digital photo frame. You can use FrameIt to include information services, like weather forecasts, amongst your digital photos. You can also use it to gather digital photos from your friends and family onto your frame. Even if everyone you know is using a different photo sharing service, you can include their photos on your frame. To do this, you need to know the RSS feed for their photos or you can use the media sources we've created for various sites," Microsoft said in the welcome message to FrameIt.


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