Get a one-year license for USB Safely Remove 4.0 for free!

Stopping devices menuUSB Safely Remove is a convenient and safe replacement for the standard "Safely Remove Hardware" tool. The program has many features designed for effortless working with hotplug devices (USB, SATA and FireWire).

In order to promote upcoming version 4.0 we kindly give you a chance to get a one-year license for the program for free. You may use all the features of the program and get upgrades for one year for free.

Safely remove in one click

The program is an original and convenient tool for safe removing a device. It also detects all connected devices and can be used to view their drive contents. Just move the mouse pointer over the tray icon of the program and you will see a multi-featured 'quick stop' menu with a list of devices

Stopping devices menu

One mouse click on the device and it is safely removed!

Get rid of unnecessary devices!

Are you afraid of accidentally stopping the card reader built into your laptop or dongle? Annoyed by a SATA hard drive or ADSL modem in the device list? Now you can hide any device from the stop menu in one simple step.

Hide a device from the menu

Global keyboard shortcuts

Do you like to do everything using the keyboard? Now you can stop and view devices by using just ONE hotkey! No need to remember keyboard shortcuts for each device. If you are in any application, press the key combination (Win+S by default) and you will see the stop menu. Use the Up\Down arrow keys to select the device you need and either press 'Enter' to stop it or 'Ctrl+B' to view the contents of any storage device.

One stop hotkey

Correct and clear device names

With USB Safely Remove, you will easily find the device you need to stop because the program detects the actual names of devices - the names the manufacturer gave them. If you wish, you can assign your own custom name and image for a device or choose from one of the pre-installed images.
Compare the following and you will see what solution will allow you to safely remove a flash disk without wasting your time.

... standard Windows menu...

Native stopping menu

... convenient USB Safely Remove stop menu.
Stopping menu

The device cannot be stopped right now. Why?

Ever encountered the situation when Windows does not allow you to remove a device? Now this problem is solved once and for all. USB Safely Remove will show you what programs are not allowing you to stop the device and you can stop or disable them in one step.

The device cannot be stopped

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