Meta Programming System - a brand new concept of programming

JetBrains is anxious to present to the judgment of the development community its new creation — MPS, the Meta Programming System. Meta Programming System is a brand new concept of programming that we've been working on lately.

Why Meta Programming?

In our professional software development, we have focused on finding ways to help developers work more effectively.

Despite the range of programming languages available today, we are still limited by them. It makes sense to extend the existing languages to create more domain-oriented ones, which allow writing programs on a higher level and in a manner that is more natural to each domain.

With an instrument that allows creating language constructs as simple as creating classes or methods is in a conventional language, you can significantly change the way you develop software.

This new style of programming, when you create specialized languages, use them to develop software, and extend them when and how required, is called Language Oriented Programming (LOP).

MPS Story

Meta Programming System started in 2003 as a research project. In 2004, its underlying concepts were described in the Language Oriented Programming article. In 2005, we opened an Early Access Program for MPS. We've been using MPS since 2006 to develop some of our new products. Over these years, we have accumulated a lot of our own experience and gathered valuable feedback from early adopters, and this turned MPS from a research project into a mature product that we want to present to you now. MPS is now released as Beta, with the 1.0 release planned for early 2009.

How does MPS work? »

MPS is a free product with most of its source code available under Apache 2.0 license. Download MPS.

View the tutorial : Tutorial

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