Malaysia Consider Cyber Court

Kuala Lumpur - The number of the virtual world of crime continued to increase in Malaysia. This country began to consider to create a special court to deal with internet cyber crimes..

Disclosed by the Minister of Communications Shaziman Abu Mansor, as quoted from AFP, on Tuesday (6/1/2009), there are more than 30 cases related to the Internet are registered in the Malaysian judiciary majestic in the last three years.

"If later we have not able to handle more, because too many cases, we may need a cyber court," said Shaziman.

Further disclosed by Shaziman, at this time the police investigate a case of blog publishing content that is considered to attack Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

So far, Malaysia is known as a strict state control in the media. According to the Reporter Without Borders, Malaysia to position-124 of 169 countries in the world in press freedom index.

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