Twitter : Koobface Worm Comes To Twitter

The new thread begin to follow on Twitter.

The Koobface worm, which had popped up on social networks, has begun to spread on Twitter.

Koobface, the worm that’s been spreading among users of social networks Facebook and MySpace, is now on Twitter. How many people have been affected in unclear, but it’s been serious enough to Twitter to issue a warning on Friday, and some infected accounts have been suspended.
The company said:
"Some users’ PCs have been infected with a variant of the Koobface malware. This malware sends bogus tweets when the user logs into Twitter."
"We are currently suspending all accounts that we detect sending such bogus tweets. If we suspend your account, we will send you an email notifying you of the suspension. This email also includes tips for removing the malware from your PC."
The problem comes from infected PCs that upload bogus Tweets, containing a link to a supposed video, but which is actually to one of a number of sites loaded with exploit code, according to The Register. Anyone installing the codec from the site becomes infected.

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