Old Japanese maps on Google Earth unveil secrets

Government of Japan angry due to a service owned by Google, Google Earth. In one collection, Google Earth detail reveals the location of the existence of caste in Japan that actually has been eliminated.

Caste system living in the era of feudal rule in SHOGUN and they apply the rules with a very loud.

With their presence a secret location, Japan is not likely to want to have discrimination in the community. Through the Department of Justice, Japan to shake on Google.

As a response, Google issued a formal statement to this case. Quoted from CNBC on Monday (5/4/2009), Google said, "We really put the attention on the big issues of human rights and did not aim to break it".

Now a map of old Japan was repaired by Google, as well as a reference point in the village Buraku, the lowest caste isolated by Japan because of their lifestyle that are associated with mortality.

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