Election Wave in Iran, America Request on Twitter to Keep Online

Some time ago, Twitter intend to do network maintenance because the action of the Iran disappointed and opinions on Twitter shed. This will cause the death of Twitter in a few hours. Hear this case, the United States government does not accept.

"Twitter is one of the region that allows communities of Iran 'exit' from the crisis. When they plan to stop the network for a while, we ask them to change the plan," said one of the Obama spokesman, Ian Kelly, as quoted by AFP on Wednesday, (6/17/2009).

According to the United States government, Twitter is important access can be relied upon by people of Iran are disappointed, along with blockade access to information via website, phone and media.

Hear this case, Twitter founder Biz Stone assumes that the decision of network maintenance was not came from Twitter management, but the owner of the network, namely NTT America.

However, Twitter management was still doing the termination of some access to perform maintenance.

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