Microsoft blogs you must read..

Handy list of fantastic blogs from Microsoft employees.
As reported on Windows-Connected, Brandon LeBlanc has posted a handy list of all team blogs by Microsoft employees, covering practically every area the company has a stake in. Here's the 17 related to Windows Vista:

Windows Vista Team Blog
Internet Explorer Team Blog
Windows Mobile Team Blog
Tablet PC Team Blog
Microsoft Update Team Blog
Microsoft RSS Blog
Microsoft Photography and Video Blog
XPS Team Blog
Windows Home Server Team Blog
Windows SideShow Team Blog
Windows Ultimate Blog
Windows Core Networking Blog
Windows Vista Security Blog
Shell: Revealed Blog (Windows Shell)
Network Access Protection Blog
Windows Sidebar Team Blog
Windows Genuine Advantage Blog

For those interested in other Microsoft products and services (such as windows Live) take a look at the full list and bookmark a few – they are always a great source of news, tips and advice about how to get the most out of your computer.


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