Intel to launch new Core 2 Extreme CPU for Skulltrail platform

ntel is planning to launch a new desktop processor for its upcoming Skulltrail motherboard, a high-end enthusiast and gaming platform, according to sources at motherboard makers.
The quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX9775 has frequency of 3.2GHz, supports 1600MHz FSB, and uses the server-based socket 771. Pricing will be US$1,499, according to the sources.

The new CPU is based on an Intel Xeon server processor and Intel will use SMP technology enable to Skulltrail to support up to two quad-core CPUs for enthusiast players in the desktop market, according to the sources.

However, with the cost of a Skulltrail platform and two supporting CPUs reaching several thousand US$, the sources expect Skulltrail to break benchmark records, rather than sales ones, although the platform may be popular in the workstation market.


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