Facebook Kills! Saudi Girl Shot Dead for Using Facebook!

There are lots of people who think that Facebook and all the other social networks on the web have a bad influence over kids and teenagers, but a Saudi father went beyond this. Because her daughter was using Facebook to socialize and to communicate

with members of the opposite sex on the Internet, the father has beaten the girl and then shot her dead. It may sound extreme, but Saudis have always been harsh when it comes to their Islamic beliefs and since Facebook allows young users to flirt and make new and unknown friends, I wonder why it's not banned already...

However, it may seem like banning Facebook would not be quite the best solution as Saudis would be looking for other social networks as soon as this one becomes unavailable. Speaking for The Daily Mail, a 27-year-old woman living in Saudi Arabia admitted that Facebook has a pretty bad influence over their teenagers as many of them use the website to meet members of the opposite sex, although their beliefs clearly prohibit this kind of activity.

"In Saudi Arabia, we live more of a virtual life than a real life. I know people who are involved in on-line romances with people they have never met in real life. And many of us use Facebook for other things, like talking about human rights and women's rights. We can protest on Facebook about the jailing of a blogger which is something we couldn't do on the streets," the woman told The Daily Man.

In case you didn't know, homosexuality and lesbian relations are prohibited in Saudi Arabia and, according to the same source, they are even punished with death. Moreover, women are not allowed to drive cars and must wear a headscarf every time they go outside the house.

source : news.softpedia.com

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