Vista SP1 Is Out, XP SP3 Old News, the Pink Edition of Vista Is In

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is now nothing more than water under the bridge, now that the service pack was released to manufacturing on February 4, 2008, shipping to general users on March 18.

At the same time while Windows XP SP3 is not even out the door, with Microsoft having just delivered XP SP3 release Candidate 2 re1fresh Build 5508. But even XP SP3 is old news. And in this context, it is the turn of the pink edition of Windows Vista to step to center stage.

Long Zheng has come across a promotion from Microsoft Japan with the Home Premium SKU of Vista at the center. Japanese customers will be able to get their hands on the pink edition of the latest Windows client, a package that contains the Home Premium Upgrade edition of the operating system, along with a one year's worth subscription to Windows Live OneCare and a basic Vista manual.

"Windows Vista Home Premium upgrade, the gratuitous trial card virus measure software ' Windows Live OneCare ' 1 year, ' the book which can master the basis of Vista ' profit of the quantity limitation which becomes set the package appears! Upgrading from now on, the male be completed is in the one which starts using Windows Vista," reads the rough translation from Japanese of the message posted on the promotion webpage.

Microsoft revealed no additional plans to push the pink version of Windows Vista on additional markets at this point in time. However, the company did announce recently healthy price cuts for Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions set up to coincide with the availability of Service Pack 1. While Vista SP1 is already available through Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center the Redmond company is yet to drop it through Automatic Updates.


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