AMD releases Phenom processors

Are triple-core Phenom processors just failed quad-core units? I’ve been asked this question several times today and to get a definitive answer I approached Scott Carroll, AMD Public Relations, for an official response.

Me: “Scott, are triple-core Phenom processors just failed quad-core units?”
Scott: “No — AMD Phenom X3 processors are NOT quad-cores with a defective core shut-off! AMD Phenom processors with three cores are an example of AMD’s design leadership and manufacturing strategy. AMD strives to obtain maximum value out of its manufacturing processes in order to provide customers with the best products and value to meet their varying needs. AMD’s Direct Connect Architecture and true native multi-core design allow for direct communication between cores, integrated memory controller, and I/O - reducing unnecessary bottlenecks. This unique approach enables AMD to deliver varying core configurations - including dual, triple and quad - to meet customer needs.“

Today AMD announce the expansion of the CPU lineup by officially releasing quad-core and triple-core Phenom processors.

How best to sum up this new lineup? I guess it’s a case where that old phrase “something for everyone” actually fits the bill pretty well. We have processors aimed at both the high-end enthusiast who wants to squeeze as much power out of their components as well as processors aimed at the budget-conscious. We also see a revolutionary new energy efficient processor aimed at home theater enthusiasts who want quad-core power without having to put up with large PC cases in their living rooms or the noise generated by extravagant fans.

So, finally, some cool stuff to drool over from AMD. Let’s take a closer look starting with the tech specs.

Here are the new processors, seven in all, five quad-core processors and two triple-core units:
AMD Phenom X4 Quad-core - Socket AM2+
* X4 9850 Black Edition (unlocked multiplier)
- 2.5GHz
- 125W TDP
* X4 9750
- 2.4GHz
- 125W / 95W TDP
* X4 9650
- 2.3GHz
- 95W TDP
* X4 9550
- 2.2GHz
- 95W TDP
Some of the highlights of this lineup include:
* Up to 20% faster than previous models
* B3 revision (TLB bug free)
* 2MB L2 cache
* 2MB L3 cache
* DDR2-1066 support
* 65nm process technology
* Integrated Memory Controller
* Fast HyperTransport 3.0 technology
* Cool & Quiet v2.0


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