Vista Loader 2.1.3 - Windows Vista Activator 2008 Support SP1 with No Boot String

Vista Loader is one of the most successful Vista activation crack available to date, second only to physical modify (hardmod) the BIOS to include SLIC table to make BIOS Vista activation-compliant.

Vista Loader 2.1.3 also been named as “Windows Vista Activator 2008?. It’s an Windows Vista product activation activator in its purest form (also one of the best Vista crack tool)- without any crap, rubbish or potential virus or backdoor Trojan. It was originally released by w00tageman, and works on both x86 and x64 (32-bit and 64-bit) versions of Windows Vista, including support for Windows Vista SP1. All editions of Windows Vista - Ultimate, Business, Enterprise, Home Basic and Home Premium editions can also be activated instantly and fully by Vista Loader 2.1.3.

Windows Vista Activator 2008 aka Vista Loader 2.1.3 will install Grub4Dos Linux Grub boot loader (GRLDR) which emulate a BIOS with OEM SLIC information, install corresponding OEM digital license/certificate (OEM .xrm-ms digital cert auto installer) and insert a corresponding royalty OEM SLP product key. All these steps ensure that Windows Vista will be activated after reboot, which will be done automatically. Beside, Windows Vista will be able to pass Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool check as genuine and legitimate.

Note that if your Windows Vista system has been activated, and still effectively activated, it’s not necessary and not recommended to use another crack tool such as VistaLoader 2.1.3 again to avoid BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) or cannot startup blank screen severe error.

Download: VistaLoaderV2.1.3.rar

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