91% Of Japanese Will Not Buy iPhone 3G

At Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, Steve Jobs was greeted with cheers when he demonstrated the Japanese character recognition of the upcoming iPhone 3G.

But a new survey from iSHARE reveals that Apple's handset may not be greeted as favorably by the Japanese market, as 91% of respondents surveyed said they have no plans to buy the iPhone 3G.

One possible reason is that the iPhone lacks a removable battery, of which 77% of respondents said they preferred a removable battery. Another issue could be that SoftBank, the only wireless provider that will offer Apple's handset at launch, is the nation's third-largest carrier.

However, the survey may not be representative of the entire population, as there were only 402 respondents. But, it is an indicator that the iPhone 3G will be facing some stiff competition in Japan.

While high-speed Internet access and GPS are new to Apple's handset, it's old hat to Japanese consumers who are accustomed to using their mobile phones to watch TV, get directions, pay bills, and order concert tickets.

But there are reasons for Apple to be optimistic, as nearly all of the remaining respondents said they planned to purchase the device. Additionally, researchers at Nomura Research Institute told USA TODAY that the Apple could sell 2 to 3 million handsets annually in Japan, capturing 5% of the market.

Apple is seeking to sell 10 million iPhones by the end of the year, and it's currently at the 6 million mark. The iPhone is only available in 6 countries right now, but the iPhone 3G, which goes on sale July 11, will be available in many new markets like Japan.

Source: informationweek.com
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