New Flock 2.0 Beta Available for download

Flock is a consumer Internet business which has developed a free, next generation web browser. The web, and the way people engage online, has evolved dramatically over the past decade. But web browsers - the application that fundamentally enables online experiences and services across ones' connected life - have not kept pace.

Flock is focused on fundamentally evolving the browser, bringing a refreshing new approach to how people use and participate on the web and simplifying social and web-based applications by bringing them one step closer to the user and integrating them directly into the browser.

When using Flock, people can easily discover, access, create and share videos, photos, blogs, feeds and comments across social communities, media providers, and popular websites.

What to Expect

Now you can have the best of BOTH worlds!

Flock 2 includes all of the award-winning Flock features that people are raving about, PLUS all of the enhancements introduced by the latest FireFox 3 technology from Mozilla.

Enhancements From Firefox 3:
  • New and improved security features - Better!
  • Enhanced performance - Faster!
  • Robust favorites and history handling - Stronger!
All the Flock Features You Love:
  • People Sidebar: Keep your friends with you while you browse
  • Drag’n’drop: Share photos and videos instantly
  • My World: Everything you care about in one place
Get More Info

Flock 2 encompasses a heck-ton of enhancements, and you can find out more in our series of articles about Flock and Firefox 3:

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