Build a Web Chat Application Part 2 - Chat with Other Users Privately (in C# 3.5)

In Part 1 we built a very simple, flicker-free, frame-less, web chat application using ASP.Net 3.5, LINQ-to-SQL, AJAX and MS SQL Server, with your choice of either C# 3.5 or VB 9.0 in about 2 hours.

As promised, we will add functionality to our previous chatroom application so that users will have the ability to chat with each other privately.

You can read and download the code of Part 1 in C# 3.5 here, or in VB 9.0 here.

Here's a snapshot of the Chatroom area.

Revised LINQ Chatroom Part 2
I noticed while coding for part 2 that the names (in black) of the chatters didn't show in the chatroom messages, so I added them real quickly. Continue here..

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