ZK Studio, WYSIWYG AJAX Application

ZK Studio, a visual integrated development environment, provides easy and intuitive tools that span the entire application development lifecycle, including UI design, prototyping, development, and deployment tools for developing ZK applications.

ZK Studio provides content assist, WYSIWYG visual development, hyperlink highlight, syntax coloring, and many other exciting features. ZK Studio is the most efficient way to begin developing Ajax applications.

Feature Highlight
  • WYSIWYG visual development
  • Integrated with Ajax Framework
  • Intelligent Editor
  • Ajax Widgets Palette
  • Eclipse Integration - Plugin
  • Wizard for Projects, and Pages.
  • Automatic Update Manager
  • Code completion
Supported Plaform
  • Eclipse 3.4 - Ganymede
  • Eclipse 3.3 - Europa
  • MyEclipse

Source : zkoss.org

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