6zap - Open source Web 2.0 communication platform

6zap is a full-featured, open source communications platform that integrates e-mail, calendar and contacts functionality into a single page.
Built with Web 2.0 technologies as a foundation, 6zap is intuitive and easy to use. It enables users to simply switch back and forth between applications, returning to the last message, contact or calendar entry they viewed.



The 6zap E-mail module offers the familiar three pane interface used by Outlook, Thunderbird and other desktop based e-mail programs. 

  • Recognizable Look and Feel: The three-pane view includes folder tree, message list and message preview, and supports common folder, message, attachment and template functionality as well as spell check.
  • Customizable: Users can choose number of messages on page, auto save interval, saving sent messages, default compose mode, signature and language.
  • Drag and drop the messages to a folder to save them or delete them.
  • Compose emails in rich or plain text.
  • Fix spelling errors with the integrated spell-checker.
  • Right click on a message to print, move, reply, forward, delete, etc.


The 6zap Calendar module offers an intuitive, yet powerful features to schedule and share your events.

  • User Friendly: Create and move events using drag and drop.
  • Multiple Views: Day, week, work week and month views.
  • Recurring Events: Provides support for the creation and viewing of recurring daily, weekly and monthly events.
  • Multiple Calendars: Events for different calendars are displayed in different colors.
  • Multi-user Capabilities: View calendars of other people in your organization.
  • Access Control: Each calendar has permissions associated with it giving users the ability to create, update and delete events.


The 6zap contacts module lets the user add and delete associates and friends.

  • Unlimited Attributes Per Contact: Each contact can have multiple e-mail accounts, phone numbers and other contact information.
  • Integrated with the other modules:  When typing an e-mail address in the E-mail or Calendar modules, the full address auto-completes from your contacts.


The 6zap files module lets the user upload and manage files on 6zap.

  • Desktop like experience: Uploaded files and created directories behave desktop like, you can rename, drag and sort them just like you do on your desktop.
  • User friendly folder navigation:  Browse through folders using explorer-like left navigation pannel.
  • New features added at regular basis: Stable work with new interface features.

Customization and Branding

6zap can be fully customized and branded – in look and feel, as well as each module’s behavior – to meet the needs of your unique environment. 
CSS Templates

  • The look and feel of the different modules is controlled via standard CSS files. All colors, images and fonts can easily be changed by altering these files.
  • JSON Interface and Client Side Templating
  • All data in 6zap is fetched from the server using JSON. The user interface is fully defined in HTML and Zapatec's client side templating engine. As a result, designers can fully change the user interface without affecting any of the server side code.


6zap can be used around the world:

  • All modules can be used in different languages by translating the text of the different messages.
  • The calendar supports different time zones and time/date formats, and allows users to select the first day of the week.

More : 6zap.com

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