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The AJAX Control Toolkit provides server and client side functionality that developers can quickly integrate to AJAX enable their Web applications. The ASP.NET team has just released a new version of AJAX Control Toolkit including three new controls HTMLEditor, ColorPicker, and ComboBox.

HTML Editor Control

The HTMLEditor control includes options for changing font size, selecting a font, changing background color, modifying the foreground color, adding links, adding images, changing text alignment, and performing cut, copy, and paste operations

Color Picker Control

The ColorPicker control extender displays a popup dialog that enables you to select a color. The ColorPicker is useful whenever you want to provide an intuitive user interface for a user to pick a color.

Combo Box Control

The ComboBox control works like a combination between a standard ASP.NET DropDownList control and a TextBox control. You can either select from a pre-existing list of items or enter a new item.

Links to Resources

· To learn more or to download you can visit the ASP.NET AJAX page:

· For samples or to see the controls live you can visit:

· We even have added new videos and tutorials from Joe Stagner and Stephen Walther

· If you run into issues and need help you can post questions on the AJAX Control Toolkit forum

· To submit feedback on the AJAX Control Toolkit visit our Codeplex page:

Going forward you will see many more such additions and improvements to the AJAX Control Toolkit.

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