Gaia Ajax Widgets 3.0 Glory Released!

Gaia Ajax Widgets is an Open Source Ajax Framework for Microsoft ASP.NET and Mono. We have all the same controls which you are used to from your standard ASP.NET toolbox plus many more. They work in the exact same way, just without the postbacks; only highly effective Ajax requests. You can use Gaia without any JavaScript knowledge. Our samples is built without any use of JavaScript, just via server-side C# or VB.NET.

4 New Widgets

  • Extended Button: A skinned button with functionality like Toggled, ImageCssClass and easy to customize the looks.
  • Extended Panel: A panel which you can expand, collapse, move and skin just as you'd like. Just as powerful and easy to use as you are used with in Gaia.
  • Calendar: Navigate to and select a date in Ajax speed. It follows the UI Culture pattern and has standard .NET localization. No more struggle with dates and JavaScript...
  • Slider: Give your users access to advanced functionality in no time with our new slider control. Returns a double value between 0 and 100.

8 Widgets Completely Rebuilt

  • TreeView: Can now be Static, meaning the HTML is rendered at first load and it will be readable for search engines. Another great news is that you now can have any Gaia control as a child control, giving you an unlimited flexibility in what kind of grid you want to build. Other news are: Drag and Drop (between treeviews as well), easy to skin, icons per item, low bandwith + WYSIWYG in Visual Studio.
  • Window: We have built it completely from scratch and the result is a high performing and flexible container control. Resize, drag and create modal and great looking windows in no time.
  • Menu: Build your menus in design time in Visual Studio, and add any type of child control you would like. And of course it is XHTML compliant and easy customizable.
  • DateTimePicker: Is based on our new Calendar control and gives you a much more powerful and good looking control with UI Culture settings and standard .NET localization.
  • AutoCompleter: Format and design the autocompleter items easily with the use of our new XhtmlTagFactory. Keywords: speed and flexibility.
  • Accordion: Use this container control to group, hide and show content easily and give your users a smooth web experience.

Introducing Visual Studio Designers

Work with Gaia TabControl, TreeView, Window, ExtendedPanel and ExtendedButton in Visual Studio and they appear just like in your browser. Use helpful Smart Tags and be a happy web designer with Gaia + Visual Studio.
Download and experience the designers now

Brand New Skinning

Gaia comes with a new, great look out-of-the-box.
Visit our samples to get the new feeling

100% XHTML Compliant

All our widgets now produce beautiful XHTML according to the standards which we love so much. For you this means that search engines will love Gaia even more and browsers will render the HTML much faster.

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